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The Castelli Foundation was conceived by a group of individuals in the educational and private industrial sectors who felt the need to reenergize technical education in Brescia and its environs and to reinvigorate the highly sought cooperation between schools and the business world. The foundation aims to achieve this by fostering the creation of both domestic and international opportunities for worklinked training. Work-linked training allows for the introduction of an innovative teaching methodology into schools whose aim is to expand the means and sites of learning by involving not just students and teachers in the process, but the company that will host students during the training period as well. In this way, the experience provides direction for future choices and fosters motivation to study, which are fundamental elements of scholastic success. The human factor is the fundamental element of both school and work environments; therefore, putting an individual’s skills to good use is of the utmost importance. In a productive school-enterprise relationship, one must experience study as work  and  vice-versa.

This is a continuous mission that cultivates professionalism, which is an invaluable trait in the labour market.

For this reason, the Castelli Foundation supports work-linked training initiatives by pursuing the following objectives: creating opportunities to enable the application of theoretical and practical knowledge in real-life labour experiences; realizing an organic connection between school and the world of work; fostering communication between individuals who hold different roles in society and in the labour market; developing the principal characteristics and dynamics that form the base of work in a company (teamwork, interpersonal and hierarchical relationships, factors that determine success); making students aware that their fulfilment in the labour market is connected to the knowledge, competences, and abilities obtained during their educational career; and guiding students in the decision-making process. The companies that have contributed to and participated with the Castelli Foundation are leaders in various productive sectors and include the following:

  • Automazioni Industriali Srl – Mr. Baglioni, (President of the Castelli Foundation).  This enterprise produces robotized islands for industries in Italy and abroad, creating concrete solutions to problems connected to robotic automation in several productive sectors. Moreover, Mr. Baglioni revolutionized the system used to produce high quality forges with an electric press for moulding non-ferrous metals.
  • Bonomi Group Spa – Dr. Bonomi  (Advisor). This company stands out in the hydraulics and heating sector for its production of components that regulate the flow of liquids and gaseous fluids.
  • Gefran Group Spa – Dr.ssa Franceschetti (Advisor). This enterprise is a world leader in the production of components for automation such as: regulators, programmers, indicators, and uninterruptable power supplies. It also produces pressure, linear potentiometer, magnetostrictive linear, rotary encoder, load cell, thermocouple, resistance thermometer, and melt pressure transducers. The company is an SIT calibration center for temperature and pressure. It also specializes in remote PLC and I/O, IPC, industrials PCs, based and embedded PC solutions, SoftPLC and soft motion, and AC, DC, and SE electric drives.
  • Gruppo Ori Martin Spa – (Founding Member).  This company is a leader in the metallurgical field, with a focus on the hot production of high-quality steel used in mechanical and automotive applications, and on the production of steel for the construction of rolled billets for reinforced concrete.
  • Ghial spa – Dr. Ghidoni (Advisor)- This company is a foundry that operates with both die casts and molds, and produces aluminum castings for third parties by using die casts.
  • OMR Holding Spa – Dr. Bonometti (Advisor). This is one of the principal suppliers of global solutions and is a producer at the global level of automotive components and assemblies, both for the original equipment and for the aftermarket.
  • AQM Srl – Delegated Administrator Ceselin (Advisor) - This is a service-sector company with technical, scientific, and organizational competences at the national level. The company: is equipped with laboratories for calibration, testing, diagnostics and prevention; provides technical training and certification of employees and processes; offers technical, organizational, and managerial consulting; is a dissemination point for Standards and CEI; and works with editorial and multimedia products.
  • Metal Work Spa – Mr. Bonatti (Founding Member)- This is an Italian company that specializes in the production of pneumatic components for industrial automation. The distribution of the company’s products and assistance are entrusted to 46 subsidiaries in Italy and abroad.
  • Palazzoli Spa – Dr. Moretti (Founding Member) - This company specializes in electronic equipment and industrial implants used for power delivery. It is an exemplar of reliability in the electrotechnical industry due to its well-established track record at the global level.
  • 4th Later Integrated Solutions Srl - Mr. Milani (Founding Member) - This company provides technical consulting services for: designing, installing, and managing remote monitoring systems; assisting the network operators with progressively spreading broadband; and for converging and transforming traditional data and signal transmission systems into a combination of informatics and electronic systems within a context of integration.

These are a few of the companies that constitute the Castelli Foundation. Together, we have decided to confront the challenges that work-linked training offers and, with an eye toward globalization, we aim to continuously develop technical excellence. We believe that our enthusiasm, the quality and depth of our cooperation, and our constant commitment to professional growth compose the key to our success.

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