They won the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award. Nine students from IIS Castelli of Brescia, Italy participated as the only Italian team at the finals of the international robotics competition in Eindhoven, Netherlands. They did not qualify for the final round in the United States of America, but they did receive an important and well-deserved award in recognition of the integrity and technical complexity of their robot. Named “Dante,” the remote-controlled robot was designed and constructed at school, and is able to navigate rough terrain and collect objects. The robot’s robust construction, precision technology, and continuous tracks, which enabled it to adapt to changes in height, were praised both individually and collectively.

“Dante” was described as a unique, elegant, and truly functional machine, and the team’s explanation of the process that led to its construction was clear. It is the result of months of work and of the development of interdisciplinary skills, not just in the field of computer science, but also in that of electronics, mechanics, and telecommunications. Their efforts were made possible by the support of not only the Castelli Foundation, but also of a pool of companies that supplied materials and assistance and helped with the 3D printing of parts for the prototype, which were made specifically for this project.

Now, Giampietro Busi, Andrea Cassamali, Ettore Gorni, Laura Brugnoli, Lorenzo Borboni, Luca Franceschini, Stefano Gentili, Alekos Filini, and Michele Treccani, students in the fourth and fifth years of study, bask in their success while visiting the capital, Amsterdam, before making a triumphant return home. Their return echoes that of their successful classmates from last year and brings honor to their school. As reported by their teacher, Alessandro Bugatti, the experience was very positive. The students were bypassed by the Romanian team, which had invested heavily in its product and, hoping to receive recognition for their effort, was an exemplar of good sportsmanship in the spirit of cooperation that goes beyond borders.

For the IIS Castelli team, it was important to meet and interact with students from other countries in a fruitful exchange. This was desired by the initiative, which, with its global vision, seeks to go beyond problems and conflicts. In this spirit, for example, the stands of the Arab and Israeli competitors could be seen side-by-side.



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