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The Castelli Foundation was created to support the Istituto Tecnico Industriale (I.I.S.) Bendetto Castelli, which historically has played a fundamental role in the training of technicians demanded by enterprises in Brescia and its environs. The foundation seeks to facilitate the insertion of young people into the labor market, to provide companies with a source of well-prepared technicians, and to promote issues of public interest and social utility aimed at developing scholastic activities.

 The aims of the Castelli Foundation are as follows:

  • To spearhead initiatives aimed at the improvement of technical facilities, with a particular focus on didactic laboratories, study rooms, the library, and other infrastructure devoted to student education and training.
  • To promote and manage initiatives that involve teachers and students in improving the efficiency of teaching methods and in adding value to the learning process.
  • To underline the importance of proper training in order to motivate commitment and develop scholastic excellence among the students.
  • To promote and manage initiatives that promote an ever-strengthening and continued relationship between the school and companies located in Brescia–Italy. 
  • To promote initiatives aimed at placing I.I.S. Castelli’s recent graduates in the labor market by fostering the creation of internships that take advantage of the relationships with local companies that participate in the work-linked training program.

The Castelli Foundation intends to achieve these goals by:

  • Raising funds from private individuals, businesses, public entities, and associations belonging to the foundation.
  • Organizing meetings between businesses and students to determine the structure of company training programs.
  • Donating company assets to the school.
  • Creating specialist-training courses designed for students and teachers of I.I.S. Castelli that are related to the fields of student specialization, as proposed by experts of companies that belong to the foundation.
  • Offering scholarships endowed by related companies and institutes.
  • Collaborating with the I.I.S. Castelli’s Parent Association to foster the exchange of ideas that result from each entity’s particular strengths.